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Wang Wenjing, chairman of Yonyou Software, was named Chinese Economic Leader of the Year

December 1st, Beijing。The 2010 Annual Chinese Economic Leaders Ceremony will be held in Beijing, and ten top Chinese entrepreneurs will be honored。Wang Wenjing, Chairman and President of Yonyou Software, the largest management software manufacturer in Asia Pacific, was named "2010 Chinese Economic Leader"。

Figure 1: Chairman Wang Wenjing delivered a speech: Pursue dreams, feel happiness

Co-sponsored by the 21st Century Business Herald, Ifeng.com and the Voice of Economics of China National Radio, the selection event, with the theme of "Progressive rationality and new commercial civilization", attracted hundreds of millions of readers, listeners and netizens。

Chairman Wang Wenjing won the "2010 Chinese Economic Leader" as well as:Che Jianxin, Chairman and CEO of Red Star Macalline, Shen Nanpeng, founding and managing partner of Red Shirt Capital China Fund, Zong Qinghou, Chairman of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., LTD., Chen Qizong, Chairman of Hong Kong Hang Lung Real Estate Co., LTD., Tang Qiao, President of Yibin Wuliangye Group Co., LTD., Xu Liuping, Chairman of Changan Automobile Co., LTD., Cao Guowei, CEO and President of Sina, China MinshengDong Wenbiao, Chairman of Bank Co., LTD., Wei Yingzhou, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Tingyi Hong Co., LTD。

Figure 2: Executives from media and business associations join ten business leaders in calling for

Figure 2: Executives from media and business associations join ten business leaders in calling for "progressive rationality and a new business Civilization"

The ten economic leaders are composed of well-known entrepreneurs from many industries such as chain retail services, traditional manufacturing, Internet services, capital and software services。This selection breaks through the monistic standard of evaluating economic leaders by performance in the past, and explains the significance of leaders in the new era in a more three-dimensional and comprehensive way from the four dimensions of global vision, industry foresight, insight of The Times, and Chinese values。

The 2010 Annual Chinese Economic Leaders Award is also the second event since it was held in 2009。Ten entrepreneurs, including Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group, Wang Xuehong, chairwoman of VIA Group, and Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, were named Chinese Economic Leaders of the Year in 2009。

On December 1, Mr. Cui Qiang, executive Vice president, executive director of Phoenix TV and Chairman of Phoenix New Media, presented the award to Chairman Wang Wenjing。In the award comments, hundreds of millions of judges agreed that he was determined to build a happy enterprise, but it did not prevent him from mergers and acquisitions, he refused Microsoft's merger and acquisition, and insisted on continuous independent innovation and balanced development。

In his acceptance speech, Chairman Wang Wenjing said: The development of UF today, as well as the development of more Chinese enterprises, is due to the opportunities brought by the development of China's economy。As a Chinese entrepreneur in such an era, it should be very happy, and it is even happier to be one of the leaders of Chinese enterprises in such an era。

In an interview with CAI Wanlin, director of the Economic Voice of the Central People's Radio Station, Chairman Wang Wenjing talked about his thoughts on entrepreneurship and success。He put forward: entrepreneurship is the pursuit of dreams, and the symbol and standard of success lies in the realization of dreams。

To build a happy enterprise and chase the entrepreneurial dream has become the interpretation of Chairman Wang Wenjing and Yonyou on development。 "2010 Annual Chinese Economic Leader" is the honor given to Chairman Wang Wenjing, and it is also the recognition of UF Software。

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